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Miyosmart Dimm Lenses

With the exclusive non-invasive D.I.M.S. Technology, the lens corrects the visual defect on its entire surface and has a ring shaped treatment area to slow down myopia progression. The alternation of the focus area and defocus area provides clear vision and manages myopia simultaneously


Uncorrected Myopia

Light rays focus in front of the retina and partially behind the retina in the periphery


cận thị chưa được điều chỉnh

các tia sáng hội tụ trước võng mạc và một phần sau võng mạc ở ngoại vi


Project Name

regular SV.jpg

Regular single vision correction

With the central focal point on the retina, a majority of light rays focus behind the retina creating hyperopic defocus. The eye reacts by increasing axial length.

miyosmart lenses.jpg

Miyosmart Lens

D.I.M.S Technology creates a myopic defocus that slows down myopia progression


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