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Ortho K

Imagine putting your lenses on before bedtime, removing them when you wake up and enjoying great vision all day, while not wearing daytime contacts or glasses. This therapeutic contact lens gently and safety reshapes the cornea while you sleep to correct vision.

Ortho K are glass contact lens worn at night to reshape the cornea. It is suitable for anyone with shortsightedness and on average needs to be worn for 8 hours at night, however this may vary for individuals.



Perfect For Kids
Imagine your child seeing clearly all day long without putting their glasses or contact lens. No lost contact lenses. No broken glasses.
NO Hassle. JUST great vision!

Perfect For Teens

Imagine getting up in the morning to go to school or work and instead of putting in your contacts, you take them out and see cleary all day long.

Perfect For Adults
See the beauty everywhere you look CRT brand Contact Lenses improve your lifestyle so you can enjoy crisp, clear vision when it matters most.
NO Glasses, No Surgery. No Kidding


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